Назад к школам
Основная информация:
a.s.d. Ganesha club Via Altavilla, 38 95030 Pedara (CT)
Социальная активность:
Massimo Di Giovanni
Trained since: 2011

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Systema Sicilia

My name is Max, I have over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching different martial arts such as Karate, Tai Chi, Bagua and YQuan. My background facilitated my transition to Systema, training under the supervision of Vladimir Vasilev who, in 2012, granted me with my instructor certification. My classes are structured differently depending upon the training experience, the conditioning and fitness level, and age of my students. During my classes I tend to prioritize exercises that help decrease muscular tension and safely improve flexibility and strength. I find that this is an area of personal struggle for many people, both new and continuing students, but it is a crucial pathway to easily and effectively learn and maximize the results of Systema training.

Время работы:

Monday, Friday 8:00 - 9:30 pm