Назад к школам
Основная информация:
310 N. Dillard St.
Социальная активность:
David Orman
Trained since: 2006

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Central Florida Systema

Central Florida Systema is a school dedicated to learning the Russian style of martial art called Systema. Our school is open to anyone regardless of rank or prior experience. All styles are welcome. We will share information, practice movement and work to master this exceptional art to the greatest degree possible. We are the only school in Central Florida that offers Systema and is certified by Vladimir Vasiliev, co founder of this art, and affiliated with Senior Instructor, David Merrell. The Central Florida Systema school is lead by Dr. David Orman. David has been training in a variety of martial arts since 1985, including karate, kendo, aikido, tai qi, and escrima. He hold black belts in Karate, Kumdo and Aikido.

Время работы:

Monday nights, 7pm-8:30 Some Saturdays Private lessons availalbe