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5291 Denman Rd., Denman Island, BC, V0R 1T0
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Denman Island BC, Canada

Our unique school offers much more than Martial arts and self defence. For one thing we are located on a small Island and our facilities are located in beautiful rain forest. Unlike many gyms, dojos, clubs and martial arts school, ours is a one of a kind educational facility where training is not an activity, but a way of life. The curriculum is complex- from health, conditioning, fitness, communications and close protection, to team work, martial history, philosophy, weapons, strategies, stealth, students will carefully and methodically be exposed to the vastness of conflict, violence, harmony and serenity all of which are part of the Warrior’s path. Along the way, our students learn skills that will stay with them while walking the face of this earth.

Время работы:

Tue & Thu: 1900-2100.

Wed: 0930-1030.

Wed: Open Mat Session (by appointment) 1900-2100.