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Basic infortmation:
1 rue de Kouffra, 44000
School social activity:
Yann Christodoulou
Trained since: 2003

Vincent Coulomb
Trained since: 2007

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Systema Atlantique

Systema Atlantique. School running since 2007, affiliated to Ryabko-Vasiliev school.
Classes in Nantes, Carquefou and Saint-Nazaire - West of France - 6 regular adult classes - 2 youth class - 100 students in 2013 -
Organisation of Systema's seminars -
Organisation of thematic continuing education for professionals: security agent, social worker, health team, ...


In Nantes :

Thursday - Jeudi: 18h - 19h30 (youth); 19h-20h30

In Carquefou:

Tuesday - Mardi: 19h- 21h30; Saturday - Samedi: 10h-12h

In Saint-Nazaire:

Tuesday - Mardi: 20h-22h; Friday - Vendredi: 20-22h; Saturday - Samedi: 9h30-11h (youth), 11h-12h30

We are glad to welcome for the first time in France, Dragisa Jocic, one the most experienced teacher in western Europe. He will also teach an Aikido seminar in our school in december, and help to bridge both disciplines principles.
2 seminars with Dragisa Jocic. Explore common themes and principals througs Systema and Aïkido
Only date in France for Manny! This seminar will be proceed of a continuing education seminar of about 30 instructors. That will offered a lot of training possibilities with qualified and teachers, up-to-date with the programm. Manny? Emmanuel Manolakakis is the chief-instructor and founder of Fight Club Toronto. He is studying Systema with Vladimir Vasiliev since 17 years and is world known for his ability to transmit his tremendous skills. Program: Internal fears, situational fears Know them, recognize them, use them - An external fear is a fear coming from outside, the anticipation of a danger - An internal fear is a fear link to an emotion When both are coming together in a situation, you can't deal with. But when one achieve, during a situation, to make distinction between emotion and danger, then one can go beyond himself. The goal will be to have physical and psychological abilities fully available. This focal both internal and external will be the core of this exceptionnal seminar. You will benefit during all our seminar of personnalised advices of an instructor in charge of accompanying you during the exercices and answering your questions. Emmanuel will also be, as available as possible, for everyone of you. Waiting this seminar, Emmanuel encourage you to visite his blog FC Connect to impregnate yourself of the spirit of his work. End of March, he'll produce a film, like last year, permitting you to start the personnal work.