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Basic infortmation:
Latvia, Riga, Olgas street 5
School social activity:
Dmitry Tihomirov
Trained since: 2008

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Systema Riga

We are official representatives of Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA in Latvia. We suggest you to train SYSTEMA how high strategy of self-knowledge! Conducting seminars, training (camp), individual lessons on system in Latvia. 


понедельник 19:00-21:00
среда 19:00-21:00
пятница 19:00-21:00
суббота 10:00-12:00
воскресенье 11:00-14:00 растяжка на тренажере "правило" и Alfa gravity .

Individual lessons
Dmitry Tihomirov
+371 29190539

SYSTEMA massage
Schedule: TU., TH.: 15:00-21:00
Instructor: Aleksey Sapronov

Recruited a group of children age 9-14 years