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Basic infortmation:
Osaka, Japan
Ryo Onishi
Trained since: 2000

Takeshi Mizoguchi
Trained since: 2006

Takeshi Takagi
Trained since: 2010

Michio Jinnai
Trained since: 2011

Naoko Asano
Trained since: 2007

Tomoki Kawaue
Trained since: 2010

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Osaka, Japan

Systema Osaka We will have Daniil Ryabko in Nov, 2013!!


Mon : 7pm~9pm @ Kyobashi
Wed : 7:30pm~9:30pm @ Ten6
Thurs : 7pm~9pm @ Ten6
Sat : 3:15pm~5:15pm @ Asahi Culture Nakanoshima or 2pm~7pm @ Ten6
Sun : 10am~11:30am @ Nanba Culture