Legends of systema in Prague 2015

In July 2014, Systema Founders and head world instructors, Mikhail Ryabko from Moscow and Vladimir Vasiliev from Toronto are coming for the first time to Czech Republic together. Over two historic days, these great masters will share the stage in delivering a unique and rare experience for all. Organizers Dmitriy Teryokhin and Systema Prague are proud to invite you to Legends of Systema in Prague.
Moscow Seminar under MIKHAIL RYABKO’s supervision and Moscow Systema instructors, September 24-27 (23.09 - arrival day, 28.09 - departure day)
Sword (shashka) as the key to Internal Work
There were questions from you:
"We've got convinced that Internal Work is the basis of all Martial Arts. We experienced and tried a lot at the seminars and regular classes. Something has come out of it, at times we feel it; however, the skill slips away and doesn't keep certainty. How can it be mastered? How to feel, acquire, and maintain right state? How to keep it in motion?"
Please come for answers and enjoy the discoveries.
Non-stop international SYSTEMA training in September 24-27: 4 days in Moscow-city!

Daniil Ryabko in Colombia Oct 3 and 4 2015.

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