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Systema Daniil Ryabko Bratislava 2014 - fragment treningu II.

Fragment z treningu s Daniilom Ryabkom v Bratislave, december 2014
Dear friends!

We are glad to announce SYSTEMA SEMINAR on 2015 year. If you are interested to organise seminar with any our SYSTEMA instructor please contact We are always ready to help you.

See you soon all over the world.

With respects and best wishes,
SYSTEMA founder
Mikhail Ryabko


16 – 17 January Daniil Ryabko, USA New-Jersey
18 January Daniil Ryabko, USA Verdginiya
24 January Daniil Ryabko, USA Delaver
31 January – 1 February Moscow Systema office,
31 January – 1 February Daniil Ryabko. USA, Hollywood, Florida
30 January – 1 February Alexander Andreichenkov, Germany, Berlin. More info
21 – 22 February Moscow Systema office,
21 – 22 March Moscow Systema office,
28 March Daniil Ryabko, Italy, Milan
18 – 19 April Moscow Systema office,
4, 5 и 6 May Mikhail Ryabko and Daniil Ryabko, Japan, Tokyo
9, 10 и 11 May Mikhail Ryabko and Daniil Ryabko, Australia, Melbourne
30 – 31 May Moscow Systema office,
20 – 21 June Moscow Systema office,
25 – 26 July Moscow Systema office,
15 – 16 August Moscow Systema office,
3 – 11 October Daniil Ryabko, Columbia, Bogota
17 – 18 October Moscow Systema office,
21 – 22 November Moscow Systema office,
December Mikhail Ryabko CZ, Prague

Systema Ryabko - seminar Prague dec 2014 - internal work with muscle tension

Fragment zo seminara s Michailom Vasilievicom Ryabkom, Praha december 2014. Ukazka vnutornej prace so svalovym napatim partnera.

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