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Mikhail Ryabko in Paris, France Seminar instructor: Mikhail Ryabko Date: 28.11.2014 - 30.11.2014...
28, 29, 30 November 2014 Mikhail Ryabko in Paris!

Stage Systema Mikhail Ryabko à Paris - 28,29,30 nov 2014
Stage exceptionnel de 3 jours avec Mikhail Ryabko, le fondateur du Systema, art martial russe. Inscrivez-vous rapidement, les places sont limitées.
Alexander Andreichenkov, International SYSTEMA seminar in Moscow, 2014

Alexander Andreichenkov - Systema Japan "Origins of Power" September 2014 Moscow Tour

Some footage of Alexander Andreichenkov working against grabs with Scott McQueen of Systema Japan and Ryo Onishi of Systema Osaka at the "Origins of Power" I...

Фотографии из публикации Edgars Cakuls в группе Systema founder Mikhail Ryabko World Tour 2014 with his son Daniil Ryabko Featuring Systema's progression from "old school" teaching methodology to the "new school" approach
Mikhail Ryabko armwrestling!

Mikhail Ryabko's arm wrestring!
Danii Ryabko in USA 2015. Everyone are welcome!

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